Farmdogz Happy Tails | Huey

Some things are just meant to be….Huey was originally rescued from South Australia and our team of dedicated volunteers met half way to transport him, to his foster carers Wayne and Fran in Victoria.

It was on a road-trip recently to visit Wayne and Fran’s family in South Australia, that Huey decided that this was where he belongs and found his forever home. Huey was spotted by Jenny who runs Hahndorf Leathersmith and Bush Gallery and instantly fell under Hueys spell and decided to adopt him.
Jenny has plans to train Huey as a shop dog and believes he will be the most photographed dog, by the many overseas tourists that visit her gallery daily.

But for now, we think Huey is settling in just fine as Jenny writes….

“It appears Huey had a great night. I went looking for him this morning and found him snuggled UNDER the covers with my daughter who had stayed over. He was calm and affectionate and so far he is really happy.”

So it just goes to show you can take the dog out of South Australia but sometimes you can’t take the South Australia out of the dog. If you’re ever travelling though South Australia be sure to visit Huey at the Hahndorf Leathersmith and Bush gallery.