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Adoption agreement

The pet will be rehomed to you on a two-week trial basis and can be returned to FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. for a full refund within that period if the pet is deemed unsuitable. You understand that a representative of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. will inspect your premises to ensure the pet will be housed in safe and secure surroundings pre-adoption. You agree to contact the group immediately should any problems arise during the two-week trial, this includes the pet becoming lost or if you have any health or behavioural concerns.

In the event that the pet requires medical attention during the two-week trial period you agree to contact FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. immediately. Any veterinary costs incurred by you will not be refunded unless previously authorised by FARMDOGZ rescue Inc.

If at any time during or after the two-week trial period, FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. becomes aware that the pet is being mistreated or is deemed to be at risk, FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. may seize that pet without notice. The pet will only be returned to the adopter after FARMDOGZ Rescue considers the situation resolved and the pet faces no further threat.

If FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. feels the situation cannot be resolved then they may list the pet for rehoming and you will receive no moneys or refunds.

By signing this contract, and at the completion of the two-week trial period, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You agree to maintain and house the pet under the conditions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and meet all council bylaws.
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to take the Change of Ownership forms to your local Council to register the pet in your name and are responsible for any cost or charges incurred should the pet be impounded.
  • You agree to keep this pet's microchip and ID details updated and correct at all times.
  • You agree to provide all regular veterinarian treatment, including vaccinations, parasite control and immediate treatment of any illness or injury.
  • You agree to seek professional advice from a registered behavioural trainer if this animal develops any serious behavioural issues.
  • You agree to adopt the dog and will provide it safe, comfortable and weather-proof shelter/housing.
  • You agree that if at any point during the pet's life you are no longer able to care for the pet, you must return this pet to FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc.
  • You agree that you must not surrender, give away or sell this pet to anyone other than FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc.
  • You agree to take responsibility as the ‘person in charge’ of the dog during the 2 week trial period, for any damage or injury caused by the dog. Should damage or injury occur it is recommended that the dog be returned to FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. as soon as possible. After the two-week trial period you will be legally responsible for the dog under State and Federal Laws.
  • You understand that when the pet is adopted by you it will come as a micro chipped, de-sexed, vaccinated dog, that has been treated for worms, fleas and ticks.
  • You understand that FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. cannot be held responsible for the pet should it suffer ill health and/or develop an unsatisfactory temperament post trial period.


  • You agree if, due to young age or other reason, the dog has not been desexed before adoption you agree to make him or her available for Mandatory Desexing at a veterinary clinic approved by FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. The responsibility to make an appointment at a Nominated Veterinary FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. Practice rests with you, the adopter, and you agree to present the animal at the appointed date and time, and provide appropriate post-surgical care. In this instance the desexing cost is included in the adoption fee. Where alternate arrangements are made with FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. for desexing this dog you agree to provide FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. with a legible copy of the Desexing Certificate by email or fax within two weeks of the dog being desexed and, in the case of the dog being a pup, prior to the dog reaching the age of 6 months.


I acknowledge that I have read and accepted this Adoption Agreement. I agree that all information I have provided to FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. is correct and true. I understand that failure to comply with the requirements of this agreement can result in the seizure of this pet.

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