Foster Carer Application Form

Foster carers provide an invaluable, life-saving purpose. We want to make the most informed decision regarding which animals to place in your care. Completing this application is the best way to assure a positive experience for both you and the animals. We appreciate your time!

Name of foster carer applicant

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Number of adults living at premises

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Do you work?
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Does your job require you to travel regularly?

What type of home do you live in?
HouseTownhouseApartmentRural property

What qualities are you looking for in the dog you are interested in fostering?
For example, size, breed, age, activity level.

Why do you want to be a foster? Have you fostered pets before?

Have you applied to any other organisations to foster at this time?
If so, please tell us a little about your experience.

Tell us a little about your history with animals
How many have you had in the past, their breed and type. How long you had them and (if applicable) why they are no longer with you.

Do you currently have any pets? If so, please give species, size, breed, sex, age and whether they are de-sexed and registered, and are up to date on their vaccinations. Please detail the requirements from your council for the number of pets allowed before the need for a permit.

Describe your current pet or pets temperament and activity level. What activities do you participate in with your pet?

Who is your current veterinarian? (Please include clinic name and address)

Where do your existing pets sleep?
For example, kennel, verandah, laundry, living room.

Where will the foster pet sleep?

Which areas of the house and/or yard will the new dog have access to while you are out?
For example, backyard only, backyard and laundry, kitchen, non-carpeted areas, all areas.

When will the foster pet be allowed inside?
For example, never, evenings, when somebody is home, all the time.

How often will you be able to exercise your foster dog?
I am unable to exerciseWeeklyDailyTwice a day or more

Do you have a yard? If yes what size yard and is it securely fenced? What type and height of fencing do you have?

Is there outdoor water and shelter for your new pet?

What duration are you willing to foster with Farmdogz Rescue Inc.?
Temporary (under a week)Long term (until the animal is adopted)Other

Other, please explain:
Please note any fostering is much appreciated.)

Do you consent to a house and yard check being carried out?

If you become a foster carer with FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc., you will be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of that animal. Do you agree to let us know at once should you have any problems with your foster animal/s so we can assist you by emailing FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. on:

Or Ph: Giorgie on 0400 131 268
I acceptI do not accept

Understanding between the parties

FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. is dedicated to find the most suitable foster home for each animal’s individual needs. All the information you’ve kindly provided will be taken into consideration and we will get back to you as soon a possible. All above information is kept strictly confidential.


  • My services are provided strictly in a voluntary capacity as a volunteer, and without any express or implied promise of salary, compensation or other payment of any kind whatsoever.
  • I understand that FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. will be responsible for all veterinary fees but that I must consult the organisation before taking my foster pet to any vet, so they can nominate our pre-approved vet clinics, unless it is an emergency.
  • My services are furnished without any employment-type benefits, including employment insurance programs, worker’s compensation accrual in any form, holiday or sick leave.
  • I understand that FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. may terminate my services as a volunteer at any time at its discretion.
  • I understand that I am personally responsible for any and all financial expenses that I incur while fostering pets for FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. unless otherwise approved by FARMDOGZ rescue Inc. Although FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. may reimburse my expenses, I agree that each expense must be supported by receipts and must be pre-approved by my Foster Program contact/representative. I accept full responsibility for any expenses incurred by me that fall outside of approved expenditures.
  • I understand that there may be instances that I will be asked by FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. to transport the dog to “meet and greets” for potential adopters and/or vet care on an as needs basis.
  • Custody and rehoming of foster pet

    1. I understand that my role is solely as a temporary home for a foster pet, and that although my opinion regarding the match between the foster pet and potential adopters is very important given my relationship with and knowledge of my foster pet, the ultimate placement of any pets I foster will be conducted by FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. It is the responsibility of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. to review, interview and ultimately approve potential adopters.
    2. Accordingly, I acknowledge that any foster pet is the property of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. and I will return the foster pet to FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. if I am requested to do so.
    3. I fully understand that FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. expects high standards of moral and ethical treatment of the animals under its care. I will adhere strictly to these standards in my capacity as a volunteer.
    4. I will remember in all my dealings with the public as a foster volunteer that that members of the public will consider my words and actions to be representative of the attitudes and positions of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. as an organisation. I understand that as an individual, I am not authorised to speak for FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc., nor can I enter into any agreements on behalf of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc.
    5. I understand and support the mission of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc., which is to provide shelter and care for animals; to provide programs and services that enhance the bond between animals and people; and to be advocates for animals as they cannot speak for themselves.
    6. I agree to not leave a FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. foster pet in anyone else’s care unless that person is pre-approved by the Foster Program contact/representative of FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc.
    7. I understand that FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the temperament, behaviour, or health of foster pets that I may handle. I am aware that foster pets may cause damage to my personal property, other pets, and humans. I will keep dogs securely housed at all times while in my care.

    Release of foster pet

    1. I understand that the handling of animals and other volunteer activities may place me in a hazardous situation and could result in injury to my personal property or me. On behalf of myself, and my heirs’ personal representatives and assigns, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. and its directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, causes of action and demands of any nature, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with my volunteer activities.


    I hereby accept a position as a volunteer foster carer for FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc., upon the above terms, conditions and understandings. I hereby acknowledge the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them during the entire time I am fostering pets for FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. I also acknowledge that this Agreement forms the basis of my relationship with FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. in a volunteer capacity.

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    Have any questions?

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