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Become a foster carer with Farmdogz

We are a community based, friendly and family oriented rescue group comprising of dedicated volunteers located throughout Australia. Once you have joined as a Farmdogz foster carer, you will be added to our private foster carers Facebook page. This is a supportive environment where you can post pictures, updates, chat about your experiences and ask advice. We believe you will find fostering with us a very rewarding experience.

Profile of a foster carer

  • Working status – full time, at home, part time
  • Family status – have children, single, couple, group of friends living together
  • Dog knowledge – a little, none, done behaviour training
  • Current pets – other dogs, no dogs, cats, chooks
  • Size of yard – normal suburban block, large block, small acreage

In other words… there is no profile!

Our foster carers are made up of everyday people from all walks of life – the one thing we do have in common is our love of dogs and desire to rescue!

Foster Carers

How it works

Step 1

Fill in our online application form here.

Step 2

Once we have received your form, the information will be used to allow us to make an informed decision, when matching your new foster dog to your family.

Step 3

We will bring the potential foster dog to your home and ensure that you and your foster dog are comfortable with your other pets and family members.

If at any time while the foster is in your care you are having problems, we are always available and have a very supportive network. Help will be given when needed in the form of advice or transferring the dog to another foster home.

If you think you may like to foster please fill in an application form, we would love to hear from you!

Foster Carer Application Form


I live in suburbia can I foster a working breed

Yes! Most of our foster carers live in suburbia.

I have never owned a working dog breed can I be a foster carer

Yes! Fostering is a great way to see if a working breed is for you without committing to a permanent home

The dog will only be allowed outside is this ok

Yes! Most working dogs love to be outside as long as they are included in family activities.

I want a dog that will be allowed inside is this ok

Yes! Many working dogs are snuggly bunnies at heart, we will find you a suitable snuggly companion.

I am from overseas and only in Australia for six months

Perfect! You get the joy of a dog in your house without the commitment of a permanent one.

What happens if the dog escapes

All our dogs are microchipped, and you will be supplied with an id tag with your phone number on it. In the case that the dog does escape we ask that you call us immediately and we will contact the microchip provider, vets and pounds in the area and help organise a search party to look for your dog. In the case that the dog is impounded Farmdogz Rescue pay for release fees.

Who pays for vet bills

Farmdogz Rescue does, but we ask you contact us first, so we can direct you to a Farmdogz approved vet.

What do I pay for

The foster carer generally provides the food for their foster.

What happens if the foster is with me longer than expected and I can no longer look after them

Just let us know and the dog will be moved to another foster home.

I would like to foster but only for short term, maybe a couple of days or weeks but no longer, can I still foster

Yes please! Short term carers are invaluable. Sometimes a dog needs to be busted out of the pound as their time is up but a longer term foster carer is not available for maybe another week, this is where we rely on short term carers. Just stipulate on the application form your availability.

I only want to foster males/ females can I stipulate this?

Yes! Just let us know and we will only offer you the sex of your choice to foster.

From one of our foster carers

I’ve had Evie living and loving with me (my 4th foster) and she is a beautiful, beautiful pup! However, after a week or so, I contacted Giorgie with some issues I was having.

What Evie required, to continue her development as a beautiful companion, was some tough love andI was finding that very hard to give. But I tried!

I found keeping her on lead (she’d started refusing to allow herself to be put BACK on the lead on walks), crating her when she started herding one of my other dogs, using the Haltie to stop her pulling so upsetting that I ended up calling Giorgie and saying that I just couldn’t keep her.

God bless her, Giorgie completely understood, but still offered some further advice to help me manage while she sorted things out. WELL … that week of tough love I felt that both she and I had become happier and more settled by goingthrough that period of ‘tough love’.

I wanted to share this with you because I know we have varied levels of experience with animals in general, but not necessarily with kelpies and particularly not kelpies who come to us having learned some bad habits or with issues to be sorted.

Evie (with some invaluable help from Giorgie Blair) has trained ME about how to train kelpies. So when you’re going the hard yards and just want to be their best friend, please remember this message.

To be their best friend, you first have to be their boss.