Surrendering a Dog

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Why are you wanting to surrender the dog?
- what has it done to make you want to surrender it.
- what have you done to help fix the issues it has (if any)
- have you spoken to a vet or behaviourist about these issues?
- does your dog have any OCD issues like pacing the yard, barking at walls etc.

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- Kids
- Cats
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- People

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Surrender agreement

This form will need to be filled out before we can consider taking a dog into our care, we need to consider why the animal is being surrendered and what we can do to help it. As we are a volunteer group we rely highly on people to foster these animal and help us look after them until they are rehomed. We need these questions answered honestly so we don't put our carers, there families or animals in danger with your animal. Along with this form we will also require you to fill out and sign a surrender form surrendering the dog to us, we will also need any vet work you already have for the dog.
We will then sort out a time to come and assess the animal ourselves or get our behaviorist to do it for us. Please note that this does NOT mean that we will take the animal, we need to consider the animals we have in care first and make sure that we have people available to look after the animal first.


I acknowledge that I have read and accepted this Surrender Agreement. I agree that all information I have provided to FARMDOGZ Rescue Inc. is correct and true. I understand that failure to comply with the requirements of this agreement can result in the dog not being able to be Surrendered.

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